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Who We Are: Located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida with multiple satellite offices located throughout the United States we recognized that most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to pay for sophisticated marketing consultants or sophisticated marketing automation software. So we went to work.

LocalAdConnection.com wanted to produce the ULTIMATE way for a small to medium-sized company to generate business and get new customers. What emerged is a Marketing Automation Service that is the perfect combination of marketing experts and sophisticated technology that eliminates cost, effort, and complexity. Unlike others, we created a service that delivers great results at the right price. We’re taking customer marketing off the shoulders of the small to medium-sized business and placing it into the hands of marketing experts.

We Give You The Customers Your Business Deserves

At LocalAdConnection.com, our strength is working with our clients to understand and identify their ideal prospects (their avatar customer). Once we are able to develop the core focus of our efforts, we build a strategic and targeted campaign that works to fill our client’s sales pipeline with abundant over-valued opportunity. The experts at LocalAdConnection.com work in partnership with our clients to develop campaigns that will generate qualified targeted leads through the most efficient means available to maximize ROI. We leverage a broad spectrum of online marketing strategies and bring them together to create a cohesive program that brings opportunities from multiple channels and vehicles

Our Mission Statement:

Every day at LocalAdConnection.com , we get up and work very hard to provide a world-class service to our customers — offloading work for them and generating more leads than they would if they did the work themselves

GOVERNANCE: We are governed and operate upon the following set of values and beliefs:

ATTENTIVE: We listen to both our external and internal customers’ needs and work hard to exceed their expectations. We observe and listen very well, paying attention to detail and being aware of our customers’ niche.

TRUSTED: We do what we say we are going to do, and if we can’t, we communicate swiftly so we leave no one surprised.

ACCOUNTABLE: We expect extraordinary results and hold our people accountable.

AGILE: We are decisive, swift and focused – LocalAdConnection.com never losing sight of the goals set to create value to our customers.

Courageous: We take calculated risks, express freely, and aren’t afraid to fail. An environment where people are required to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

TRANSPARENT: We communicate openly fully, accurately, respectfully, truthfully, and proactively to avoid misunderstandings.

COLLABORATIVE: We include our customers and others when needed, to produce the best results.

CREATIVE: We at LocalAdConnection.com continually look for new innovative strategies, technologies and ways to improve to better serve our customers. We are constantly challenging people to function at their highest and best levels.

Other Services provided by LocalAd Connection

We, at LocalAdConnection.com, are a special team of dedicated professionals with highly experienced and proficient competency in the demanded specializations, one of which is Website Design and development. Having worked for numerous clients in the USA and abroad, we have also developed robust and evident expertise in the segments of SMO, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Lead Generation, and traffic optimization through dedicated Link Building, Reputation Marketing, Reputation Management, 5-star video review commercials, Press Releases, Expert Interviews and local listings.

Frontline expertise

LocalAdConnection.com Web Design and Development services are fueled by some of the best minds who have been trained in the renowned institutions and have a broad experience of serving in a dynamic manner in response to the emerging demands of the websites.

Latest and most creative techniques are employed in the client and server sides coding/authoring, and user interface designs to offer a seamless interfacing of the website across the global web servers.

Customization and Value

Custom tailored solutions are our one of our noted specializations. We offer our web design and development expertise after taking into account the orientations and respective requirements of the website. Only the relevant and most effective elements are offered as a package to develop a value based concept to suit your needs and operations.

Attentiveness & Creativity

We have been working through the fundamental principles of web design and development, but in a very creative manner. At LocalAdConnection.com, innovation is the key ingredient and we have always tried to push the bars for others through our frontline and value added web development services, be it the social branding, reputation marketing, reputation management and networking or improving traffic to your site through best of the SEO techniques..

Website testing

We have generated solutions of high delivery for the e commerce ventures together with digital branding to make you the leader in your industry. Through our well hosted dynamic content management web pages, we generate viable and responsive blogs. Our eWoM (electronic word of mouth) generation efforts leverage the best of the social hangouts and generic mechanisms that drive the social buzz on the Web.

We offer our web design and development together with beta stage testing techniques to ensure that the actual results are being delivered as demanded and needed by the client.

Best prices

Our prices are simply unmatched and we over-deliver in value compared to our affordable charges. The value to price ratio is always in the favor of the client and proves to be the best in the U.S. and international markets.

Our specializations-

We have added notable credits in the following online techniques:

Frontline web design

Most coherent and effective web design is offered, including the coding, authoring, user experience design and graphical web interface to offer fluent networking. We work in accordance with the latest guidelines and tech standards of W3C to ensure the frontline website development.

Visibilities and SEO

We design and develop robust visibilities through fundamental and advanced SEO, link building and other emergent sophisticated techniques to maximize our client’s visibility and likelihood that visitors to their sites will convert to consumers and customers.

Innovative web development & follow up

Our web development and follow up is a whole expanding basket and we have some of the best escorts to add value and functionality to your web interface. We offer:

  • Resonant and dedicated SMO
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Dynamic and vibrant e commerce shopping portal development
  • Lead Generation to get new customers
  • Any other custom requisitioning by the client

Quality is our hallmark!
Come feel the difference with us.

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