Small Businsses Crush The Competition With Local SEO

Local SEO is an Integral Part of Selling Services & Products to Local Customers.

Local search engine optimization (LSEO) is a powerful digital marketing strategy for business owners selling products or services to local customers, because if you’re not showing up in local search, you’re missing out on new business and hemorrhaging money.

Increased Web traffic, brand visibility, and an increase in revenue are all advantages of investing in SEO. To take control of your local search results, here are some tips on how small businesses take advantage of local SEO best practices:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental step for every successful SEO campaign. It involves discovering and analyzing phrases and terms that people are actually typing into the search engines to find local businesses like yours.

So, how do you discover which keywords to rank for?

To start, brainstorm keywords yourself or ask customers, friends, or family what keywords they would use to find a business like yours. Take your list and input them into Google’s Keyword Planner to find new keyword ideas and to get the estimated search traffic for those keywords.

True keyword research is an in-depth and detailed process, and best left to the professionals that do online internet marketing as their business so you can run your own business.

NAP Information:  Next to SEO, N-A-P are the three most important letters in local search. NAP is short for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

If you want to show up in local search, it’s crucial that Google understands where your business is located. Google is able to pick up NAP information on your website as well as on other sites around the web. It uses the consistency and quantity of NAP mentions as a ranking factor for local search.

The more often your business information is found on the web, and the more consistent it is, the higher your visibility will be in local search.

Customers Reviews

Over 92 percent of consumers read online reviews to find local businesses and services. On top of that, 60 percent of consumers judge a local business on its overall star rating with 43 percent find 3 out of 5 stars to be the minimum rating before consulting with that business and usually you need at least six 5 star reviews to be considered trustworthy.  It’s as high as 97 percent of consumers aged 18 – 34 read online reviews to judge a business. With so many people resorting to online reviews for business recommendations, it is imperative to get positive reviews.

The quantity and quality of your online reviews play a direct role in our search visibility. The more 5-star reviews your business has, the more online exposure it will receive.

To get positive reviews you will need to focus on creating an amazing customer experience, publishing and parading those reviews, best with video. After every job is finished, politely ask for feedback.

Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Houzz, and Angie’s List are great places to receive and reply back to reviews. Read more about how online reviews affects your business and it’s online presence.

Mobile Friendliness

Having a Google Mobile friendly image is crucial. If users are feeling frustrated when visiting your website due to a poor mobile experience like small text, needing to pinch the touch screen to zoom in, slow loading time, then you should update to a mobile friendly website.

Most mobile-friendly websites feature responsive web design, meaning that it is able to adjust to fit the screen size of any device. Responsive websites are easier to manage from an SEO perspective. Alternately, you can develop a separate website designed specifically for mobile.

Failing to comply with Google’s Mobile Friendly guidelines will result in a major loss in mobile search traffic.

Citations and Social Profiles: Social media icons

A citation is an online mention of your business with all or some of your NAP information. They generally take the form of a local listing in an online directory like YellowPages.

A social profile is like an upgraded version of a citation in that it is often more trustworthy, unique, and customizable. A few of examples of social profiles are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

To build your website’s visibility, you will need to create as many relevant and high-quality citations and social profiles as possible.

Follow these basic SEO guidelines when building citations and social profiles:

Be 100 percent consistent with your NAP information. Always use the exact same business name, address, and phone number. If you move locations, you will need to update your NAP information on your website, citations, and social profiles.

Write unique business descriptions that summarize your company’s history, niche, products, and services. Upload at least 5 relevant, high-quality images, not including your company logo.

Select up to 5 relevant business categories with the first 3 being the most important.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. If you’re not listed on Google, you’re missing out.

Be found on Google Maps and help customers find directions to your business.

Respond to customer reviews and promptly to any negative reviews (preferably before they are published) with reputation management software from

To list your business, go to Google My Business and type in your business name and address into the search bar.

You can also upload images that will be shown in the local search whenever someone searches for your business., are experts in online marketing, reputation marketing and reputation management and local SEO, helping local businesses dominate their industry, rank highest in searches for targeted keywords, with positive and massive exposure branding them as leaders in their niche and getting them more customers.


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How to Market Your Business With SMO

Why is SMO Essential to a Successful Business Marketing Strategy?

In this world of globalization, hardly anyone of us is not connected to each other. Basically, communication has been transformed in a new way. The days when we used to communicate through letter has gone along with the horse ad buggy and the typewriter. We used to depend on landlines and traditional telephones, but they have lost their charm and utility after wireless communication arrived through cordless and cell phones. The cell phone has managed to maintain its usability and grown in use in today’s requirement of communication. Now it’s the turn of Internet and especially Social Media. Social media is now an integral part of today’s fast growing life. It is not just a medium to entertainment but it is also a big platform to endorse networking, business, marketing, event, communication, reputation, branding, authority, etc.

Currently Social Media has influenced in corporate and business fields in a major way. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the new miraculous trend of marketing your business and websites. Social networking sites are very popular and usable among masses. And this is the right track to aim your customers related to your business niche and theme. SMO becomes a most effective technique to get visibility and popularity in market. We help your company generate more followers and fans by using our creative marketing skills.

Our aim is to create a unique social media presence for your online business. We believe that an impressive social media presence depends on a large number of factors like followers, fans, likes. We increase your presence by updating informative content on your social media, enhance your online reputation by using 5 star video review/testimonial commercials on the most popular social media sites
such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.) and also in many local directories such as Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare, etc.. to maximize the conversion rate of visitors to customers. Engagement on these Social Media platforms is an essential tool for a successful marketing strategy.

smo_social _media_pembrok_pines_fl


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How to decide which is better, SEO or PPC?


Our cutting-edge, targeted solutions help you attract the right customers, convert leads and grow your business. How do you know your marketing program is efficient and cost effective? A premier Internet marketing and SEO agency, creates measurable marketing campaigns — tracking every click, every call, every lead — so you know that your advertising dollars are working hard to bring you more business.

Experts in professional local SEO, PPC management, display advertising and email marketing, local online marketing specialists, the most advanced call tracking technology available, E-commerce traffic and revenue generation experts.

A highly transparent Internet marketing company — in both work and communication.

Employing the latest Internet marketing and Web design strategies and techniques. Ideal reading for company leaders and in-house marketers wanting a high-level understanding of critical online marketing issues.
For example, we are often asked: “Which is better, PPC or SEO?” We probably hear this question more than any other from companies trying to figure out how to best spend their Internet marketing dollars. It would be great if there were a simple answer, but there are way too many variables for that to be the case. Here are some questions to ask about your organization that will help you zero in on the right answer.

How patient is our organization?

SEO usually takes months or longer to succeed, especially in competitive verticals. In contrast, PPC can obtain results very quickly — at a price, of course. Some company cultures have a difficult time waiting for results; if this sounds like your business, you may be fighting an uphill internal battle getting the level of commitment for SEO necessary for success.
How are your competitors succeeding?

Are your top competitors tearing it up with PPC, or are they noticeably absent? It could be that if competitors are shying away from PPC, they have already determined it’s not a good avenue. Instead of recreating the wheel, you can piggyback on their experience and avoid a flat tire. Same logic can apply to SEO.

Can you budget for both?

A very sensible approach is to implement a long-term SEO campaign while running PPC campaigns concurrently. If you can succeed on both fronts, you will tap into what are usually the two largest and most important sources of online leads. But can you afford to excel in both?

If you spread your budget too thin, you will not succeed in either PPC or SEO, and end up with a lose-lose instead of a win-win.

Still not sure which avenue is best for your company, contact us:



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Copyright Disclaimer:  Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

10 Trends To Define Digital Marketing in 2017

Learn What’s Changed about Digital Marketing

As the role of online marketing continues to expand, it’s more challenging than ever to keep a pulse on what changes are occurring in the field. Continued learning is critical, and if you’re not taking the time to keep up with industry news and marketing trends, your efforts may fall flat.If you’re worried you might have missed something major this year, we have you covered.
Read on for 10 trends that propelled the biggest changes in digital marketing this year:


1. Increased Social Search Functionality:

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing niches, and 2016 brought about much-improved search functionality. In late 2015, Facebook booted Bing and replaced site search with their own algorithm that allows visitors to search all public posts. This year, Twitter updated its advanced search capabilities to allow for long-tail keyword searches. For marketers, social search is exciting because it allows for brand content to be discovered organically. However, increased organic traffic is just one benefit of enhanced social search functionality.

Social search is also an effective research and targeting tool. For example, marketers can search for any term on Facebook and find public posts using that term. Then, results can be filtered by source, location, and date, allowing you to find results for people that already follow your brand, are located in your area, and have posted questions about the term you searched for. These kinds of insights drive content marketing that speaks directly to your audience’s needs. Not to mention, B2B organizations implementing account-based marketing can use these unique insights to inform their targeted campaigns.

2. Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing revolves around current and topical events, and it’s an effective way to earn a big boost in traffic and visibility. It’s easier than ever to find trending topics these days: Google Trends provides you with daily updates on the most popular searches, Twitter tells you what hashtags are trending at any given moment, and Facebook provides up-to-date information on popular topics.

Here are a few brands that nailed it this year:

During the 2016 Super Bowl, Gatorade created a Snapchat filter that allowed users to share a Super Bowl tradition—dumping Gatorade on the coach—with their friends. The filter got more than 100 million views, and got Gatorade in on the big event without paying for an in-game commercial.

3. Adaptability is more vital to success than ever:

Change is going to happen whether you pursue it or not. Modern enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and incorporate new technology into company culture and regular operations. However, digital transformation isn’t only about technology, it’s about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change that it can lead for the organization.

 4. Growing importance of the user experience: The customer experience (including employees) is the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. Customers are more cautious and distrusting than ever; they’ll turn away from brands that don’t align with their values and needs.

5. Innovation must happen fast: Proactive innovation is one of the best ways to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. New technology needs to be assessed, tested, analyzed, and judged more quickly than ever. Businesses can no longer afford to waste time and resources implementing new tools that offer no real value. This means a “Fail fast, to succeed faster,” mentality. Some projects will work straight away, others will have significant learning curves. The faster your organization can go from idea to implementation the more it can embrace opportunities to transform and even disrupt markets and internal business models. We’ve already talked about adaptability, but that plays a major role here as well. If a company has an adaptive culture where new tech can be easily integrated—or is at least encouraged—that enterprise is set up for long-term success.

6. Embrace the remote workforce: Young professionals prefer flexibility to compensation. Mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world. Contract and freelance employees appreciate the ability to work from home or while sitting on the beach. Companies benefit from having the ability to hire the most talented employees available in any time zone.

7. The advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): The booming success of the Pokémon GO AR app is a wakeup call to any business that hasn’t evaluated the potential of AR and VR. These technologies were once limited to the gaming realm, but they’re now easier to implement than ever before. The mainstream shift toward AR and VR provides new ways to connect with customers and offer unique, memorable interactions. The popularity of AR and VR also open up the gates for workplace gamification. We anticipate there will be a strong roadmap for incorporating gaming into the workplace along with VR and AR for improved employee engagement, retention and customer experience.

8. Big data and analytics: The importance of big data in the business world can’t be overstated. Despite a dizzying amount of valuable data in the world, few companies are using it to maximum effect. Analytics drive business by showing how your customers think, what they want, and how the market views your brand. In the age of Digital Transformation, almost everything can be measured. In the coming year this will be a cornerstone of how businesses operate.

9. Digital transformation is driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT offers immeasurable insight into customer’s mind. Businesses and customers alike will continue to benefit from the IoT. With an estimated 50 billion IoT Sensors by 2020 and more than 200 billion “Things” on the Internet by 2030, it is no question that IoT will be not only transformative, but disruptive to existing or outdated business models.

10. Smart machines and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking off in a big way. Our relationships to technology continue to evolve. Soon machines will be able to learn and adapt to their environments. AI has long been considered the realm of science fiction, but as technology improves, AI becomes a reality. AIs will be able to work collaboratively with human professionals to solve intensely complex problems. AI stands to become one of the most disruptive forces in the IT world.

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Source:  Forbes