Local SEO with a Winning Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Targeting Your Audience Rather than Google

Here’s a basic consideration when planning your company’s SEO strategy: Has Google visited your site to fill out your contact form lately? Nope.

Why do so many SEO firms focus more on what Google is doing than on what people want?

We, at LocalAdConnection.com, have a core belief that if we spend as much time understanding people as we understand Google, you will win. Manipulation of Google is temporary, so we prefer to spend our time understanding your audience instead.

When potential customers are searching online, do they find you? Our customer-centric approach ensures that your site, content, and assets are being found.

We aspire to be the search firm that fights for the “attention of audiences” over the “anomalies of algorithms.” We are investing more time in understanding people instead of Penguins and Pandas. That might not be what you want, and that’s okay, but if this sounds like home sweet home, keep on reading …


Everything starts with the customer. If you don’t understand your audience, how can you give them the experience they want? We focus on identifying the people that are most likely to interact with your brand and find your content valuable. We’ll understand your audience (almost) better than you do. What are their needs, desires, fears, frustrations, pains, problems, anxieties, likely objections, aspirations, goals, demographics and motivations to determine your “avatar” consumer.


Our team defines the search experience your audience undergoes from top of funnel to bottom. Whether it’s figuring out where they hang out online or what mix of content is most easily digested … we’ll map out your audiences’ search experience path.


With an understanding of the customer’s desired (or sometimes “perceived desired”) experience, we develop strategies to address top of mind questions your audience is asking, building out corresponding strategies to provide valuable answers that they can identify with and truly believe that you know them better than they know themselves. From writing content to getting it in the right hands, we’ll ensure that your audience finds you.


Knowing which strategies to implement, we will architect project timelines; taking goals, priorities, and industry trends into account. We never sit back and let our strategies run their course, we’re constantly optimizing and hustling, ensuring that our efforts are not only reaching your audience but affecting your bottom line.


We want to be held accountable for the success metrics that your boss holds you accountable to. After all, we’re in this together. We only consider a project successful if you’re successful, and our in-depth analysis of our efforts ensures a win-win result with success for all.


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