DFY Email Blast specializes in multi-channel direct marketing services. Our goal is to achieve measurable results for our clients. While continuing to evolve as a company, DFY Email Blast has earned the business and trust of clients all over the globe.
Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations, locally owned and operated small business, as well as digital agencies who use our private label services.
By providing integrated marketing solutions that target your ideal audience, we are one of the leading providers in data and marketing resources.

DFY Email Blast's team is comprised of industry and digital marketing leaders who play a key role in the company’s culture and our continued growth and success.

Our once small family has grown into a diverse and dedicated group of nearly 75 professionals. Let us show you our unique formula of email marketing and multi-channel advertising to reach your target audience and ultimately increase sales in a cost effective way.
Can I purchase data and secure for my own use?
We do not "sell" data. We provide access to our data through our deployment services we handle and manage all in-house. Email and Postal data is only available on a rental or "use" agreement.
How does DFY Email Blast source data?
Our lists consist of information obtained through opt-in online surveys, e-subscriptions, e-registrations and our extensive network of permission-based websites. These sites are owned and/or managed by our team and partners. We also have a data compliance team that ensures that our opt-in language is clear and conspicuous for our consumers to see when signing up for our marketing broadcasts.

Any data obtained is put through a thorough hygiene and validation process for deliver-ability using multiple 3rd party sources. We then use partner sourcing for data profiling, appending up to 400 available selects or demographic filters for precise targeting of an individual.

We always use best practices in regards to CAN-SPAM compliance. Our team is diligent with maintaining and updating our unsubscribe lists. We have a quality assurance process in our emailing team that verifies that all broadcasts has the correct sending on behalf of as well as the proper opt-out information required. Every record received also has the opt-in date, IP and source for compliance purposes. Our teams follow data security best practices to ensure all of our compliance steps are followed and there are no breaches.
Are you CAN-SPAM compliant?
Yes, we are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. Every individual in our database is opt-in and has provided us with permission to reach them electronically.
Can you suppress my clients current customers from mailing to them?
Yes, we encourage and recommend every client supply us with a "suppression file" that will ensure your current customers are not contacted. DFY Email Blast suppression services "suppress" unwanted prospects and current clients to ensure that you're only prospecting new records. Suppressed records also include: records from the Do-Not-Call List, Do-Not-Mail List, deceased list, as well as inmates, opted-out emails and bounced records.
Do you prefer HTML or text email ads?
All of our IPs and Domains are white-listed with every major ISP and monitored on a daily basis to ensure the cleanest and best inbox placement in the industry. We will provide you with a click-through rate guarantee regardless of whether you bring the creative or we develop it for you.
How do I obtain reporting on the campaign?
We provide you with a direct login to our dashboard for real-time monitoring of your campaign. You will be provided with login credentials when your first campaign is setup.
How can you get my email into the inbox and not the junkmail box?
Following our HTML guidelines specifications this will provide you with the best ratio and HTML coding to ensure your message is receiving the best inbox delivery and universal formatting regardless of mail browser being used.
What makes you different than your competitors?
Our data, delivery, service and technology separate us from anyone else in the industry. Our data processes and hygiene is second to none. From opt-in permission to thorough hygiene and validation leveraging external sources such as ImpressionWise and Sift Logic we provide the highest quality data and inbox delivery methods in the marketplace. Our service and technology has been built around a "customer first" mentality providing next day turn-arounds from our testing platform to self-service counts and tracking dashboards. We ensure every aspect of our business is available to our customers at the click of a button.
What is a bounce rate or how is it calculated?
How much does a creative cost?
Before any actual hard costs are provided the advertiser/client needs to send us what materials they will be providing, which allows us to provide much more accurate costs.
Why is your test going into my Spam Folder or not being received at all?
The testing process is sent from one central IP/server that is shared and used for all of our clients. This is no indication of 'delivery' on our email deployments and is used for reviewing the creative only. During broadcast our deployments to our database are sent using a multitude of servers, IPs and domains that are constantly rotating in order to maximize inbox delivery.
What are our cut-off times for approval?
As a general rule of thumb cut-off times are 4 hours before close of business to get APPROVAL on a campaign in order to guarantee delivery for the NEXT business day.
This can and will vary on certain busy days of the year prior to holidays such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc...
Any approvals made outside of this time frame will be handled on opening of next business day unless otherwise notified (clients must contact their sales representative).
Tell me more about CAN-SPAM Compliance?
We are in full compliance of all the requirements set forth by the FTC in 2003 called the CAN-Spam Act. More information can be found here: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business
How often is your file updated?
We receive new records and updates on existing records on a daily basis. Database is constantly being scrubbed (removing undeliverable and inactive records) and refreshed. As a whole we update our entire file on a quarterly basis as well.
What are your guidelines for an email creative?
To learn more about creative guidelines for email creative click this link: http://emailcreativeservices.com/guidelines/
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